Many people have ever wondered whether or ทางเข้า superslot not Why is telling me love so difficult? Many people wish to express their love to their lovers. But did not dare to express love with embarrassment Love, a special feeling of life, can be just something that is kept in your heart. If you are the one who wants to tell you love Without love What are some ways in which this feeling can be revealed to the other person? Today we have a solution to introduce. This is guaranteed, and the other person will know for sure that you love him the most.
1. Surprise with a special gift
For anyone who wants to impressed your lover It is suggested that giving a special gift is the best option. You might as well make a handmade gift that will make him feel good. For example, beautiful embroidered cloth, couple pillowcases, couple letter-hanging bracelets. He will certainly be impressed.
2. Write a letter to represent your inner mind.
Sometimes speaking of love is difficult. So is it better or not? If you choose to write a letter in your mind The letters you intend to describe your feelings to him. Try writing a full page and give it to him instead of telling you love. Mail has many advantages over sending electronic messages. Whenever he misses you, he'll pick it up and read it without the hassle of searching for chat messages.
3. Touch instead of feeling
Touch is a good representation of the feeling in the heart. On the day I want to say I love your boy. Try to gently kiss his cheek Or embrace him while conveying his feelings in his heart through physical contact They are like bonds of love that he can no longer escape from you.
4. Add sweet words on weekdays.
Anyone who wants to hear all the sweet words Try changing from criticizing your partner to complimenting him / her to feel good. Whether it is complimenting that this shirt suits you. Or compliment him that he cut this hairstyle and looks great Some men lack confidence, so they need a word of support from their lover. In order to give him the courage to improve his personality for the better
5. Say Thank You
No need to say I love you But may change to the word Thanks good to me Or thank you for coming into my life These words will surely impress him and love you even more, so if he does something nice for you, don't hesitate to praise or thank him. Because sometimes Your lover is waiting to hear your thank you.