A golden man like our father's age On the outside, it may look healthy and healthy, but actually there may be a serious underlying disease. If you don't believe today, you can go home and ask your father if How is your health lately? What unusual symptoms or not. Or maybe we don't need to ask We will be able to observe for ourselves that our hero is a great father. Actually, health has deteriorated over time as well.
Sanook Health asks for permission to remind our children that the age of our father. Risk of various diseases Quite unexpectedly
How old is a golden man?
Age 40 and over the sex hormones will continue to decline. Causing abnormal symptoms in the body
5 diseases that your father's age may be without knowing
1. Diabetes
Initial symptoms Dad may be more tired than usual. From being used to wandering around with children for a long time May not start, ask for frequent breaks, can't run, jump, walk up stairs In addition, weight loss, angina, palpitations, followed by pain in the eye bone, and difficulty looking at Which, if not diabetes, may be obese Or high blood fat
2. High blood pressure
Initial symptoms Dad may have frequent headaches, dizziness and blurred vision, which is considered dangerous. Because it can lead to a ruptured capillary in the brain And paralysis and paralysis can be caused by many factors, stress, insufficient rest. Lack of exercise And not eat all 5 food groups, etc.
3. Heart disease, coronary artery disease.
Initial symptoms such as angina, pain, pain, pain, pain, joint swelling, and decreased sexual performance. Which heart disease may be caused by superslot accumulated stress High cholesterol in the body High pressure
4. An enlarged prostate
Initial symptoms Frequent urination pain Clear urine Sometimes I have pain, but I cannot urinate Or not enough urine Burning pain while urinating
5. Prostate cancer
Initial symptoms Have symptoms similar to an enlarged prostate But more serious More severe symptoms Because the cancer has spread through the lymph Causing various organs to be destroyed
With both the prostate gland And prostate cancer It can be avoided by reducing eating high fat foods. Eat more fruits and vegetables. And don't drink alcohol