Clearly dividing people's personalities We have seen each other Is a group of extrovert (sociable) and superslot introvert (happy with oneself) in detail, can be subdivided into Go deeper But if anyone knows that he is a friend addict Being addicted to talking with other people Loves partying, socializing, does not feel embarrassed or embarrassed to meet new people. You might see yourself as an extrovert personality.
But during the time we have to keep at home Not talking or socializing with friends or other people for a long time during the time we need to be separated for Social Distancing to reduce the outbreak of the Coronavirus 2019 or COVID-19 (COVID-19) Making a group of extrovert people too seedy And many people around them began to lose their minds. Until he was depressed that he had no desire to do anything Who is having this problem? Let's study the answer to the cause of this bad feeling and how to get yourself out of this problem from Dr. Ein or MD Phiyadaa Chaiyaphum, a psychiatrist from Rama 9 Hospital from Sanook Call. From Nowhere.

Why are the extrovert groups psychologically impacted during Social Distancing?
Dr. Ein stated that Extrovert people will be sociable groups. Have a hilarious party with friends or other people because they feel they have the ability to help others feel good and enjoy their interactions with others. But during social distancing, they may feel lonely. Or impaired Because he may feel that he is not using his ability to make other people feel good, have fun, he may not be used to being alone. Separate with others That he used to be together every day It makes us feel that he lacks less space to use his social abilities. It may make him doubt that his own abilities are diminishing or not. Because he didn't have the opportunity to use his abilities to the fullest.