Swedish massage is a compound word of "Swedish" meaning "Swedish" and "massage". As a form of massage that suddenly started to come into the spotlight as 2020 approaches, many stores are popping up rapidly now. What kind of message did Swedish massage suddenly become a craze?

Swedish massage was first introduced to the world by Dr. Pehr hendrick Ling, a Swedish national. He was a person who studied gymnastics and physiology, and developed and developed Swedish massage by combining systematic and scientific massage techniques with gymnastics and physiology. For basic Swedish massage, a physician named Johan georg Mezger named several techniques in French (eflorage, petrissage, friction, tafotement, vibration, etc.) Massage technique was born.

Swedish did not stop here, but began to spread all over the world by merging with oriental massage methods. In Europe, Swedish massage is called "classic massage" or "European massage", and rather, it is called "Swedish massage" in the United States and Korea.

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