A controller based on control platform is designed for medicament (anion and cation) added in sludge treatment. Through designing some experiments and based on the experimental data, the mathematical control model is established, which determines the dosage of medicament related with the concentration of sludge and flux of sludge. Then by analyzing hardware resources requirement, the hardware control platform is set up. Finally, relevant programs are written, integrated and debugged on the control platform. The medicament-adding controller in sludge treatment, on the one hand, enhances the automation of SLUDGE TREATMENT EQUIPMENTS, on the other hand, reduces the cost of medicament for sludge treatment, and satisfies the design requirements.

It is a process used to increase the amount of solids by removing the excess water contained in the biological or chemical sludge taken from the settling pools. Increasing the solids in the SLUDGE TREATMENT EQUIPMENTS condensation allows for smaller selection of systems for the dewatering steps. Fixed Bridge Central Shaft Concentrators are suitable for use in sedimentation pools up to 16 m in diameter. It is not economically suitable for larger diameters. In such cases, rotary bridge concentrators should be preferred.