The spectacular success of mobile operating systems, particularly Android and iOS, created an expansive ecosystem that fostered new games and gamers. It’s a wild frontier for all sorts of experimental titles, schlocky cash-grabs, and utter trash games that aren't worth your time. However, the mobile market also has many gems that deserve a place on your Android home screen. There is no shortage of indie hits, retro classics, and even Nintendo-published originals once you scratch the surface. In fact, some mobile games can easily match the quality of AAA titles seen on consoles and PC. We’ve pooled a choice selection of great titles across all genres, so scroll down for our top picks if you’re interested in playing Android games Math Playground Games.

If you're want more bang for your buck, subscription services make it easier than ever to find those gems. The $4.99-per-month Google Play Pass gives you hundreds of games and apps that are free of microtransactions. The similarly priced GameClub resurrects mobile gaming classics in one low-price subscription.

Google’s willingness to license Android to more partners also means most gaming-focused mobile hardware targets Android. Razer Phone offers a great gaming experience (at the cost of other phone features), while the Razer Junglecat controller makes it easy to play Android games on a television. Google Cardboard turns your Android phone into an accessible virtual reality headset.

In fact, as a gaming platform Android is arguably better and more comprehensive than Google’s half-baked game streaming service Google Stadia, even if that subscription does technically let you play Red Dead Redemption 2 on a Pixel phone. For a superior Android game streaming experience, check out Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Treat yourself to mobile entertainment that isn’t Twitter drama. Scroll down, and check out these excellent mobile games for your Android phone or tablet. If gaming isn’t your cup of tea, or you’re more of a productivity sort of person, we have a separate Best Android Apps list for you to peruse.