If you have been suspended on Amazon, youíre not alone. Every day Amazon shuts down thousands of sellers for reasons that arenít always clear. The reinstatement process can be daunting and confusing, and itís crucial to take the right steps in your appeal to get reinstated quickly. At amazoker, we know what it takes to write a winning appeal if your Amazon seller account is deactivated or if you are facing an Amazon account suspension. Our Amazon suspension appeal service experts will guide you through every step of the reinstatement process and get you back to selling as fast as possible.

When your Amazon account or your listings are suspended, it hurts your business tremendously. Every minute your products are unavailable to buyers, you lose customers and sales, and therefore a lot of money. A professional Amazon suspension appeal service can help you get reinstated quickly and keep the (financial) damage caused by the suspension as minimal as possible. If your Amazon seller account was suspended or if you want to avoid it, this blog post is for you! We will explain the most common reasons for a suspension, show you how you should (and should not) handle a suspension and what to be aware of when hiring an Amazon suspension appeal service.

We strongly recommend hiring a professional Amazon suspension appeal service. The chances of getting your suspension waived increase a lot thanks to their experience and connections to Amazon. In addition, a suspension expert usually only needs a fraction of the time you need for your reinstatement. But of course, you can also write an appeal letter on your own. When doing so, keep in mind that the Amazon performance team employee doesnít want to read a novel. They donít care if you think the suspension is justified or how much you love selling on Amazon.

They only have a short amount of time to review a suspension case, so they need to be able to quickly process all the important information regarding your suspension. Therefore it makes sense to use bullet points to ensure that the appeal letter is as easy to read as possible.