Web design is a process of designing and developing websites. Unlike web development, which is mainly about functionality, web design includes aesthetics and is concerned about the look-and-feel of the site as much as the functionality. If a website was a car, then web design would include the chassis and interior design as much as the engine and the mechanics of the car. The creative aspect of web design covers areas like web graphic design, user experience design, interface design.

Our design courses are the best choice for kids who want to get knowledge and practical experience in graphic design & 3D modelling, while being able to create videos, animations and cartoons. We are constantly working to ensure that the program we develop remains close to the cutting-edge technology novelties and, of course, is enjoyable for our young students. That's why we always move from simple to complex things: first we enable kids to learn new information by developing a project based on a video.

And then, to give the children more freedom and help them easier implement ideas in the future, they create a project on their own, based on the presentation. To make online coding for kids highly beneficial and enjoyable, our tutors also constantly use different educational fun games, drawings, videos and tests within the same lesson.
If you want additional information, follow this link - https://itgenio.net/courses/design