CD and DVD duplicators have been popular for so long; however, with the optical drive no longer sold in nearly all computers, the only device left for moving files around are USB flash drives. With that in mind, we took a look at a USB flash drive duplicator and wanted to provide observations and opinions.
The benchmark we are comparing the USB duplicator to is the speed compare to burning a DVD. With a 16X DVD recorder it will take between 6-7 minutes to burn a full disc, which is 4.7GBs. A common size DVD duplicator is seven optical drives which means seven copies every seven minutes. However, today’s file sizes are getting larger and a data load can easily be over 5GBs. A dual layer DVD which is 8.5GBs would take nearly 27 minutes.

The USB duplicator review is a 16 target USB 3.0 duplicator manufactured by Nexcopy. We selected this model and manufacturer because it was the most popular in search results, and honestly – looks the coolest. This flash memory duplicator will make 16 copies at 1GB under minute which translates to 16 copies in less than five minutes. In the dual-layer DVD example that would be 9 minutes to make 16 copies. Clearly a USB duplicator is more efficient than a DVD duplicator.

As with CD and DVD duplicators, if you had a dozen to make, you would make them one-at-a-time on your PC or Mac. Same with USB flash drives. You can copy and paste files in Windows or even use a DD command prompt in a Linux computer. These are not robust solutions however.