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    Universal USB Connector

    Hi I was wondering if there is a universal connector for digital cameras. The cable that you use to download the images to your computer. I know that the USB end of the cable is always the same, but the other end that plugs into the camera. Is that end the same for all or most digital cameras? Or at least the newer ones? Also is there software out there that is universal to all cameras for downloading the pictures?

    The reason that I want to know this is I want to startup a small business where tourists can bring me their digital cameras and I can burn off their pictures to a cd so they can then go ahead and clear the memory on their camera. This would only be a problem for internal memory.. Memory cards I can just load up in my own camera.



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    The best way to do this would be card readers. They makeones that cover most formats, and the unsupported formats can be read with adapters. Readers are much faster, and they don't sap the camera power. Both things that would be beneficial to your business. And they don't require messing with cables, you just take their card and plug it in.

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