Well, ideally, all sex sessions should end up with a gratifying orgasm, but that's not always the case. To be honest, it's an okay thing up to a point! However, on a prolonged basis, both partners may find it hard to deal with. With certain tips, you can still have the ball in your court and learn about how to cum faster.

Particular medicines, stress, an ailment, growing age, nervousness, anxiety, or alcohol consumption can interfere with your capacity to have a climax. If the orgasm keeps missing from your sex life, your relationship may turn into a dissatisfying and conflicting thing!

Kegel is a renowned form of exercise to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. how to make a guy cum fast. Doing Kegels improves the quality of the climax and gives you more power over your body. Kegel is basically the voluntary contraction and relaxation of the muscles of your private parts. While for women, it involves the vaginal and clitoral muscles, men perform kegel by using their penile muscles.