Friendly Dolphin Swim School was formed as a swim for life aquatics program to include private swimming lessons, public pool swimming lessons, and lifeguarding services. The services aim to equip aquatic education for all children and adults in Singapore.

Since 2015, Friendly Dolphin Swim School has grown and become one of the biggest swim school to provide private swim instructions across Singapore. We are specialized in conducting swimming lessons for all ages regardless of any fitness levels. Knowing how to swim is the only life skill that can saves lives. we strongly encourage everyone to pick up this valuable skills and learn to swim.

Our school strives to give the best solutions to a variety of individuals during our swimming classes. We cater to all sorts of different learners and helping individuals to achieve and learn best.

We pride ourselves in providing quality adult swimming lessons with the use of good instructional methodologies for effective learning.

We follow a games-based approach taking advantage of short attention lifespan and children’s impulse into playing games. This useful way of development will eventually guide children to love swimming and learn without even noticing. Based on individuality the lessons are catered to all different spectrums of students. There are students learning better with individual attention from the coach for a particular skill. And some learning faster with a group of people looking to learn the same particular skill.