Early-stage startups that just launched will need to build a voice in that aspect. Media outreach to industry blogs and publications will become even more important to cement your voice as a young startup in the industry. Pressfarmís campaign packages and enterprise services can help you land your story in recognized publications and industry blogs which increases your brand awareness, credibility, and sales.

We will see a shift toward influencers that deploy more transparency and authenticity. Whatís more? This shift will also see smaller influencers come into the fold as companies look to create partnerships that provide more than just numbers to the brand. In terms of logistics, these smaller influencers are also a lot easier to manage and most often more willing to work with companies in the first place. When you think of it, this also makes sense because some influencers with smaller numbers tend to have a closer connection with their following than say an influencer that might use paid advertising or mass tactics to build up the numbers on social media.

Tracking down the right journalist can feel like a daunting task, especially for traditional businesses with nuanced stories and products. Direct outreach - one-on-one connections rooted in each journalistís specialty - is vital. Pressfarm is a PR outreach software that maintains an extensive searchable database not just of journalistsí names, publications, and positions, but also their emails and subject-matter expertise.

Letís be honest, itís only a matter of time before augmented or virtual reality takes over. When this happens, PR strategies will inevitably use this form of content to give people what they want. We are talking about interactive content that will stand out amongst the competition. When the likes of VR take over, there may be no other way to compete. With this in mind, PR professionals are likely to experiment with this kind of content over the coming year. Most of the PR trends for 2020 rely on data and technology. However, algorithms and artificial intelligence is not nearly enough to drive PR in the coming years. Humans are emotional beings and this element requires that PR strategies are meaningful and purposeful.

With this in mind, PR professionals need to develop content that is truly relevant and valuable to the consumer. And itís true that value and relevancy has always been the key but this is more important than ever now and professionals need to leverage creativity and avoid any messaging that seems irrelevant and lacking in creativity. Social media and chatbots have significantly reduced the amount of time that PR professionals spend on email strategy. However, email outreach continues to provide an exceptional tool and the return on investment is still just as impressive.

More than 80% of marketing professionals cite email strategy as being the main driver for retention and acquisition. Whatís more, 70% of customers prefer email over any other form of business communication. When sending a pitch, email has a much better chance of finding its way to the front cover. In a recent study by Cision, journalists and bloggers still prefer email as their primary way of contact. At Pressfarm, we combine email outreach with a couple of other methods like social media outreach. However, we have been very successful in pitching our startup clients to journalists and bloggers through email outreach.