Managing a startup is not easy, add developing an effective public relations strategy to that and it can seem very daunting. For that reason, Public Relations agencies like Pressfarm exist to take away that stress but also have the appropriate and adequate content for the target audience and media outlets in the field. PR these days is way more than just letting the media and the general public know about your new product or feature. Companies need to create great content to grab attention.

However, with so many agencies out there, the question that startups and businesses have is what agency should they use to fit who they are. PR agency tools can offer innovative approaches to grow your startup and with Pressfarm’s help, businesses can increase their online visibility, heighten its brand awareness to potential customers and investors, and amplify its social reach.

They also pride themselves on the fact that they do not charge high fees for little results. When a company enlists their help, they waste no time in trying to create an effective PR strategy for that specific company and build a media relations plan. They have the relationships, experience, and understanding in the industry to help raise awareness for any company.

They provide a filter based platform that has 75,000+ media contacts for companies that need to get in contact with media outlets. Once they sign up for a specific package that Pressfarm provides, they will get access to the platform for a full year and they can search, find, and unlock the contact information using the credits obtained.

It can be hard to get the media’s attention and it is even harder of media outlets because they need to filter all the information that they are getting sent because they want to publish only the best, more interesting news. That is the reason why platforms like Pressfarm, a PR agency for startups and journalist database, exist so that it makes it easier to find media outlets through their databases.

There are 3 types of packages that companies can choose from; starter, launch, and campaign. The Starter package, at $90, is the perfect start for small businesses that are looking for the fundamentals to take their communications to the next level. The Launch package, at $180, is ideal for growing companies to increase press coverage, improve effectiveness and personal communication with the media. Finally, The Campaign package, at $480, is perfect for already existing businesses to gain full control of their brand and stay consistent across the globe.

Each package contains basically the same components with just a few added bonuses like additional content, additional PR contacts per month from the database, and additional startup submissions to improve SEO and gain exposure depending on which package companies decide to go for. The more companies are willing to spend, the more additions they will receive.

Their packages rely on the making and distribution of 3 important components: a press release, a media kit, and an email pitch. Firstly, they gather information about the company, products and services, storylines, pitch angles, and objectives.

From there they will create a media plan that outlines the story angles, media outlets, and a customized brand brief. The brief will include the key features of the company and the products/services. They will also write any news releases or media advisories that the campaign needs. Since each package includes these things, each will be include.

Depending on the plan that the companies have chosen, they will pitch the agreed media verticals to the extensive list of media contacts and manage all the follow-up and correspondence on the company’s behalf. Finally, as coverage is secured and published, Pressfarm will send the statistic to the company. At the end of the month, they will compile all the secured and published coverage in a report to show what worked and what didn’t so that there may or may not be a change of focus in the next month.

Public Relations is a very hands-on and ongoing process. An effective public relation strategy is something that needs to be changed and edited depending on what strategies work and what doesn’t. Public Relations agencies are there to help through the entire process so that it takes away from the stress of publicity when companies need to worry about so many other things.