I shot and posted studio tests from the Sony RX100 high-end point-and-shoot camera, today. They look excellent, as expected. If you don't know about the Sony RX100, it's one of the most talked-about and best-selling cameras at the moment. It's a pocket-sized compact with a big 1-inch sensor, an f/1.8 zoom lens, full manual controls and RAW shooting - pretty much the Holy Grail of pocket cameras. Here are links to the intro article and sample photos:

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Sony RX100 Studio Sample Photos | Camera News & Reviews

Personally, I'm still more interested in pocket superzoom cameras - pocket cameras with 10x or longer zoom lenses. So I'm hoping they'll figure out how to put this sensor in a pocket camera with a 10x zoom lens. I'd buy that in a hot second. Regardless, my hat's off to Sony for having the balls to make this camera. Hopefully this puts some more pressure on the competition and it's the start of a whole new class of pocket cameras.