I would kindly ask for an advice since I'm planning to buy a camera for general use. After researching the market I narrowed down three options, either Sony DSC-W380, Samsung PL200 or Casio EX-Z2000.

Does anyone has an opinion pro or con for these models?

One comment about PL200 I cannot fully resolve: Samsung's PL200 comes with a 7x optical zoom lens. It will cover a focal range of f = 5.6 ~ 39.2mm (31 - 217mm, 35mm equivalent) and has a maximum aperture range of f/3.3 - f/5.5. The 7x optical zoom is a welcomed feature on the PL200. While not quite as wide as we would have liked to see with a maximum equivalent field of view of 31mm, the extra reach of the telephoto end (up to 217mm) is much appreciated when compared to your typical 3-5x zooms. The wide end will work well outdoors when taking landscapes, however indoors you might find the field of view a bit narrow.

Casio EX-Z2000: The EX-Z2000 boasts a 5x optical zoom lens, which offers a nice wide range of 26-130mm (in 35mm equivalence). It is made up of 7 lenses in 5 groups, including an aspherical lens. When the camera is powered down, the lens retracts into the camera for protection. The 5x optical zoom lens offers a nice wide range, covering approx 26- 130mm (in 35mm equivalence). The 26mm end of the zoom provides a nice field of view for vast sunsets and other landscape type photos as well as gives a nice view for indoor shots.