There is a need in the industry about the durability of the floors in their facilities, we will develop the topic of How to recover concrete floors by dry polishing. Polished concrete is a material widely used today for paving large spaces with a wide variety of uses, both industrial and commercial, including residential. The main reasons for its great acceptance are, among others, its high resistance, the high degree of performance and features it provides, together with optimum competitiveness in terms of costs.

However, the achievement of all these qualities, as well as its durability, will depend very much on the quality of the materials used in its manufacture and on the application of the appropriate technical procedures in its installation. On the other hand, even in the best of cases, there will always come a time in the life of any concrete pavement when it will need to be applied to appropriate care and maintenance programs.

The frequency and intensity of these will depend on the use to which it is submitted.

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