Highly trained guards to execute all security protocols in a timely manner

Certified and experienced technicians to install and configure all kinds of electronic security equipment. Architects with more than 20 years of experience in the design, manufacture, and installation of custom-made steel security doors and gate, as well as installation of doors with special bulletproof armoring up to level VI Leading Private service Security Company.

If in your area the increase in home or vehicle robbery has increased, your best option is to hire a private security company that determines your vulnerable points in order to counter them, SPLE Private Security will be using the most advanced security models, always supporting in the latest technology, and in the most effective security methods tested by the best private security companies around the world, contact us and we will visit your home or company to determine how we will mitigate all threats presented by your property and the people residing in it

The type of uniform that private security companies use to uniform our private security guards, may vary depending on the needs of the service, we have 3 different types of uniform: Suit, Command, Classic. After evaluating the place where our guards will provide services, we will make a recommendation for the uniform that can work best and why. If the client wants a specific uniform, we can adapt to your request as long as it is viable for the operation of the private security guard.