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    Point me in the right direction please

    I do alot of action sports, mostly snowboarding & whitewater kayaking. I have a olympus compact digital camera that is good but not what I need.

    Bascally what I want is a camera that can take like 20 pictures per second (this is a guess) so I can get the best picture when me or another kayaker breaks through the waves. I also want it to be able to take pretty good video so I can eventually put together a 3-4 minute video's together.

    I just need a starting point so I can start to research. I am a amatuer that wants to turn this into a hobby.


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    Re: Point me in the right direction please

    Come join us in the sports forum !
    There are a few options, from expensive DSLR to P&S, depending on what you want to spend.
    I would say though that waterproofing is likely to be the hardest part, U guess you have a waterproof Olympus?
    On the 20 pictures per second, my opinion is that timing your shot is more likely to get a good image than just machine gunning at a high burst rate.

    Come on over to sports and we can discuss it !

    Scroll down to the Sports Forum and post your sports pictures !

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    Re: Point me in the right direction please

    Well, there is a new Casio compact digital camera (EX-FH20) which features:

    1). Extremely high number of frames-per-second. (Maximum 40 7.1MP frames-per-second).
    2). Good video feature – including slow motion and the ability to record things which the naked eye cannot perceive. (e.g. bullet in flight).
    3). 20x optical zoom – starting at 26mm equivalent wide-angle.
    4). Reasonably priced – not 1,000+ USD.
    5). Small, compactish and lightweight.
    But, as PAul said – crucial timing, practice and experience will play a much larger role in the quality of your resulting photographs. A high-tech camera might make this job a little easier – but it won't replace the need for practice and experience.

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