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    Pentax Optio problem

    Weve got a Pentax Optio 330GS which weve never had any problems with but somethings happened. The battery died whilst it was connected to my pc through the usb cable (I thought the usb powered it but obviously not). I disconnected it from my pc and put some new batteries in. Now when I switch it on the lens comes out and it makes a really dodgy screeching type noise. The pentax logo comes on the screen but nothing else, no buttons work including the power button.
    The only way I can get the lens back in is by taking out the batteries, connecting it to the pc, switching it on and then removing it again using the software which obviously isnt good for it.
    If anyone has any ideas about what to do or knows of another forum/site that might help Id be very grateful.

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    Doesn't sound good

    Sounds like something in the electronics got coked when the batteries died. Your best bet is to contact Pentax customer service and describe the problem to them. You'll find a link for the Pentax Web site on any Pentax product review page here.

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