A new RPG star shines in the sky. Or better said: on heaven. The new open-world RPG No One Lives in Heaven is a wacky, partly philosophical, partly just crazy role-playing game with a huge amount of freaky quests and a story you haven't experienced in any other game. It's about NPCs left alone in a playthrough game link world, which the player enters after years. You are confronted with NPCs who have gained their own consciousness. Most games end with the credits. NOLIH starts at this point. Despite the philosophical premise, Steam-link to the game scores with a very good sense of humor, which not only makes you smile but even makes you laugh. With over 40 hours of gameplay and about 100 different endings, the game is a colossus of an RPG. No One Lives in Heaven also offers numerous side activities such as fishing, arena fights, and other mini-games, just in case you don't want to follow the epic main story. The characters are all lovingly designed with their own special characteristics. All in all, NOLIH by SuR ENTERTAINMENT is like a big magic bag with something for everyone and where you never know what is waiting for you around the next corner. The playing time increases also by the fact that you can play through No One Lives in Heaven several times, since the replay value is extremely high.