I am an advid photographer. I am currently shooting with a Nikon F80.I want to open a business and I am thinking of going digital.

I will be doing weddings,portraits,outdoors and some wildlife.My main idea is to use mostly digital,unless my client does not want me to or if I want to make prints that are bigger than 8x10.

I was thinking of buying a Nikon D100 or D1H. I am a nikon fan, but since I dont have much equipment and need to buy everything for my studio so swithing brands would be an option.,That is if a different copmany makes better digital cameras than Nikon. I would like it if I can interchange my lenses.
Keep in mind I Know very little of the digital world.But I can see how the digital world could be very helpful,for my soon to be buisiness.

My big questions are

Is it a wise idea to switch to digital? or stay with film?
Is digital prints as good as film?will my clients notice?
Which camera do I invest in?
Is the technology growing so fast I will have to replace my digital camera in a few years?
What kind of printer do I have to buy? and how much do they cost? (canadian$)

Sorry about the long post

If anybody could answer my questions it would be very helpful