I sold my D70 for a good price, actually what I purchased it for. The reason was I and not a Pro I just want some really nice pictures. I do love the quality that the D70 gave me BUT I was hauling around a big bag of lenses and flashes. Lens zoom was from 80 to 300 range (2 lenses to get this)
My question is this:

I have the chance to make some changes and was wondering if this makes sense to many of you.

I have a Fuji F10 that I like but at times I can't see the screen on the back because of the sun and the ISO seems slow and I tend to get blurry shots from time to time.

I was looking at the Cannon S3 IS and think that is a pretty nice camera it has image stabelizer, ISO 800 and a 12X optical zoom. I can either look through it or use the screen. I would have this to replace the D70, figure the pictures would be very close to what I had... but I didn't use the D70's manual mode much.

I also looked at the Cannon A620 Looks like a great camera to me. I would sell the F10 and use the cash to get me the A620.

One more thought was to get the D70S with 1 lens that would do approx what I already had, Never change the lens and get quality SLR Pics?

Now my question is, do you think the Cannon A620 and the Cannon S3 IS are to much alike or can one learn the features to make the S3 IS do some really nice pics like you can do with the D70S? Or go with SLR 1 good lens?