If you’ve been looking for ways to get around this issue and unblock the platform in Canada, you’ll need a VPN. But before we get into how to watch Hulu in Canada using a VPN, let’s talk a little about why Hulu is blocked in Canada. If you’ve meant to watch Hulu Canada, you’re at the right blog. Here we will talk about everything you to know about how to watch Hulu in Canada with VPN. These little tools connect you to the internet through remote and secure servers that temporarily replace your IP address with the address of your remote server. This helps you access region-blocked websites and content libraries. To watch Hulu in Canada using a VPN, follow this simple four-step strategy. Still asking, ‘does Hulu work in Canada?’ and ‘can you get Hulu in Canada?’ As discussed, it doesn’t; but there are ways to coax it to work—like using a VPN. Once you’ve done that, you can quickly load up Hulu on your laptop or PC or download the app on your device.