How to successfully obtain a second passport and become a European resident? How to have a second passport to live, study, and access the market of Europe? How to invest in Europe, how to travel the world with visa-free? Advanced Citizenship by Investment Program (Dominica citizenship plus the Greek residency) will be a solution for you! It will ensure that it can pass through 140 countries, it will entitle to dual nationality, perform asset allocation, travel at any time, low tax liability, and the cost is further less than you expect. In a word, Dominica citizenship with Greek residency will be the best combination NOW!

The Commonwealth of Dominica passport provides visa-free access to Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, Russian, the entire European Union, and free movement among East Caribbean Community. Greece is a member of the European Union, and one of the 26 Schengen countries which abolished their internal borders for the free and unrestricted movement of people.

ACBIP was first announced on Dominica Citizenship with Greece residency can directly reach the access levels of European citizenship programs (e.g.: Cypress and Maltese). Considering the advantages of visa-free travel, offshore assets planning, living in the European Union at the expense of half the cost and time of applying for citizenship of Cyprus or Malta, along with many other benefits.
Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment Program was established in 1993, the Citizenship by Investment Program legally offers investors who have made economic contributions to Dominica irrevocable second citizenship with no visit to the country required. Such citizens of Dominica have the right to exempt overseas income tax, and Dominica passport provides visa-free access to more than 140 countries around the world. Applicants who have passed the due diligence and Citizenship by Investment Unit, and who make economic contributions to Dominica, will be granted the citizenship of the Commonwealth of Dominica. The applicant can carry with their family members and siblings, and the next generations can continue to have the citizenship and the Dominica passport. Greece has been very successful in the Golden visa program for years, the government announced alternative investment opportunities for a golden visa last year which attracted more foreigners who came to the Hellenic republic as seeking a better quality of life, education, and health care. Dominica citizenship plus Greece residency offers you the most affordable, wisely, and reliable access to Europe and the world.

Best of all, Greece has an excellent outcome of dealing with the epidemic among Europe, its well-known attractions and beautiful island become one of the best risk-free premises in the world. Dominica has the extraordinary achievement of working out the spread of COVID-19 in the country. Dominica’s prime minister Roosevelt Skerrit cares about people’s health and develops a natural-fit environment for the tourists. Both countries emphasize the long-last development of the countries as well as the citizenship/residency programs. ACBIP undoubtedly is the best option for those families who wants to move and live in Europe with immediate Caribbean citizenship.

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