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    How to care for a DSLR and Lenes

    I was sure I would find a detailed write-up here somewhere but my search came up empty. I was wondering how to clean the sensor and lenses without ruining them. Anyone want to give me the run down on dos and doníts and maybe recommend some products I could order form B&H?


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    Re: How to care for a DSLR and Lenes

    Do a search in the search box above for sensor cleaning.

    One note though:
    You are NOT cleaning the sensor! The sensor is actually UNDER the IR FILTER and it is that IR filter that gets dirty, NOT the sensor! Sorry, I am a stickler for the correctness on this issue.
    But you have to be VERY carefull if you clean them yourself, it's very expensive to replace the filter. I personally leave it up to the pros who clean then for a living and let them screw it up as then they pay to fix it!

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