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    Apr 2011

    Help need a good point and shoot camera

    I liked my canon sd750 camera until it broke last week. It was only a few years old and it has the black screen of death as I call it. Doing a search it seems that a lot of people had the same issue and it is not worth fixing.
    I have been doing a lot of research and I am confused what to get. I am not picky I just want a big LCD screen, to be light, a decent zoom and clear pictures. Also I would like post processing red eye removal too and spend between $100-$200.
    I actually bought the Nikon cool pix S4100 and feel the pictures are grainy and blurry. I just don't like it and I am going to return it to the store. I was considering a Samsung camera maybe the ST65 or SH100. Or maybe I should get another Canon?? I was happy with my last one but I am pissed about it breaking so early on!!!

    Any advice from you all would be greatly appreciated

    thank you in advance!!!!

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    Senior Member Anbesol's Avatar
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    Mar 2006

    Re: Help need a good point and shoot camera

    All pictures are grainy and blurry on those little point and shoots, at least, similarly to how that Nikon is. The Samsung certainly isn't going to do any better. If you'r dissatisfied with that grain and blur, your only real incremental improvement would be something like a Canon G12 or S95, Sony NEX, or Olympus Pen. Those are all over $400 though. Under $200, I suppose the Canon SX 130IS might fit the bill, but the image quality difference wouldn't be much.

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    Senior Member volks's Avatar
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    North Vancouver, BC, Canada

    Re: Help need a good point and shoot camera

    You can only expect so much from a camera priced under $200.00 regardless of brand. In the long run you might be better off spending a bit more for your next camera.
    You can also sometimes find a very good used trade in camera for a good price at a camera store.
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    Junior Member eyalg's Avatar
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    Nov 2010

    Re: Help need a good point and shoot camera

    I'd get the Canon SD4000.
    It's a slightly older model than the new ELPH's,
    but it's an excellent camera with an f/2.0 max aperture,
    which could help you avoid high ISO's and therefore grainy images.
    My compact digital camera guide -

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    banished Don Schaeffer's Avatar
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    Apr 2006
    Huntington, NY

    Re: Help need a good point and shoot camera

    Did you ever think of going on e-bay? I bought a small point and shoot for about $20 and I love it. Wonderfully, it has an optical viewfinder. Remember those. Am I crazy?

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