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    Help with my new T1!!

    I own a Sony DSC-F707, and although I love it, it's a bit much to lug around when I'm not doing creative shots and just need snapshots of friends, family, etc. I purchased a Minolta DiMage x20, and have recently gotten rid of that and upgraded to the Sony DSC-T1. I love it as a point-and-shoot compact... but my only complaint so far is the screen! It's HUGE and I love that, but it's so dark. I know for a fact that my backlighting is on, and the screen is set to "normal" ("bright" just looks washed out). However, when I use the button that changes the display from "indicators on", to "histogram on", to "indicators off", to "backlight off"... when i change it to "backlight off", nothing changes. The screen lighting still looks the same.
    I've looked everywhere in the manual and in the menu on the camera itself... and I can't find anything to change this. I'm in a well-lit room, as well. Am I just losing my mind?

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    Does that camera have the new Sony backlight feature for outdoor lighting? If so, it's meant for use outdoors, in bright sunlight. It uses reflected sunlight to light the LCD. If that's in fact what it's doing, then you won't see any difference indoors. But it should be much brighter outside, in bright sunlight.

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