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    Jan 2014

    Help me upgrade from a NEX-F3

    I am a beginner level photographer , having worked my way up from a Canon powershot to S95 to now a Sony NEX-F3. Shooting primarily with
    a f1.8 50mm lens.

    So far, I am very happy with the results of the camera.It was a HUGE step up.

    Here is where I feel I have outgrown the camera
    Contast AF is very slow. It takes a few seconds to get AF when the conditions are a bit dim.
    I miss the standard Accessory hot shoe and the selector wheel in a DSLR/NEX 6
    I want to be able to add a flash or external mic
    I want more options in terms of lens. I love the IQ of the f1.8 , but 50 mm is not convenient for indoor photography

    Here are some attributes of my photography aspirations
    My primary use case is photo (70%) , then video (30%)
    My primary subjects are my children and family . Want pictures that look good decades from now. Video Quality is also very important
    Ease of use is a top concern. Want my wife to take pictures (in Auto mode ) and upload via Wifi .
    I expect to travel with the camera overseas this year and take it to many local places. Not a fan of DSLR bulk.
    While money is not a primary concern , I am cautious since this is an untested hobby, I am not willing to invest over approx $1000 immediately, will be happier if it's lower

    I have 2 cameras in mind the Sony NEX-6 (I can leverage my investment in the lens, still have a compact camera to carry around, and have great video) or a Canon 70D (Dual AF, more lens,
    future expandability etc)

    Am I barking up the wrong tree with Sony NEX-6 expecting PDAF to solve my slow AF / occassionally blurry issues ? Will I be better served with a proper DLSR like the 70D ?
    Do I just get the NEX 6 for now and then upgrade to the 6D FF camera next year ?
    Are there other choices I am missing ?

    Thanks so much!

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    Re: Help me upgrade from a NEX-F3

    Personally I think that you will be happier with a proper dlsr like the Canon 70d or a Nikon equivalent.
    Nikon D7200
    Nikon P7100
    Nikon 16-80/2.8-4 ED VR
    Nikon 55-200 VR II

    Keeping it light and simple.

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    Re: Help me upgrade from a NEX-F3


    high quality CD duplication

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    Re: Help me upgrade from a NEX-F3

    I love the portability of the mirrorless cameras, even with bigger lenses on. Iím trying to work out the actual differences in DSLRS, I believe autofocus and low light capabilities are the main factors as well as lens selection which Iím less worried about at this stage.


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