WeGottaGuy was founded to offer homeowners and commercial property owners a convenient, easy to use service that would eliminate the hassle of locating and screening home improvement professionals, local contractors, and the most qualified handyman services Tucson has to offer. Whether you're new to the area and don't know who to call, or just don't have the time to search for qualified professionals, we can help – at no charge to you.

Unlike contractor referral companies with corporate offices out-of-state or even internet-based, WeGottaGuy is local, invested in our community, and proudly serving greater Tucson. We understand that our clients are our friends and neighbors, and we want you to be happy with our services. We work with local, small- and medium-sized business owners, most of whom we’ve worked with for years. Also, when you contact WeGottaGuy, you will interact with an actual human being, and we personally ensure your satisfaction throughout the course of your project.