I considered buying a gopro camera, but after looking into it , and discovering you get nothing but the bare camera, no cables ,no remote ,and no accessories .
As I researched gopro google kept putting ads infront of me for knock off cameras .
I wound up buying a $110 knock off.
It came with cables, remote , tons of accessories and a waterproof case for snokling ,and so on.

It takes great ameture type photos and videos .

The only draw back ( maybe maybe not) from an expensive gopro, is that the still photos look very bad when you enlarge them on the pc screen.
When viewing them as they download from the camera they look as good as any other pictures.

the cons ( for me) are no zoom, no flash, and that I cant enlarge any photos .
But for probably a $600 saving by the time I purchased all the Gopro stuff that came with my knock off camera for no extra charge ,I'm quite satisfied .