It is a classic choice in houses in the countryside of Montclair, New Jersey, as they protect the house from the various climatic conditions. Apart from that, they add high aesthetics, picturesqueness and beauty to the landscape. Of course, you will see them even in big urban cities. If you take a good look at the view from your balcony, you will definitely see a building with roofing.

At Gikas Roofing, we are committed to your satisfaction. We specialize in providing superior roofing services including roof repair, roofing shingle installation, and so much more. Our services are available throughout Montclair, along with other beautiful towns in our area including Verona, Glen Ridge, Bloomfield, Cedar Grove, Essex Fells, Caldwell, West Caldwell, South Orange, and all of North Jersey.

There are many choices in roof installation and several types of roofing to choose from. Our reliable Montclair Roofing services will help you in the right selection. You may need Gikas Roofing services in Montclair if your roof has damage from natural phenomena such as rain, wind, earthquake. Or you face leakages from the roof due to defects in roof construction. Your roof may also lack maintenance or it lacks waterproofing and insulation.

Gikas Roofing in Montclair provides the best roofing services for both residential and commercial properties.We understand the value of a high-quality roof and extend reliable services that improve the value of your property.Whether you need roofing repair or installation services, we provide the absolute best service of any roofing company in the area.