We are proud to introduce our new decentralized platform that rewards users for their activities, posts, transactions, and interactions. Our platform combines the best of TikTok and Instagram, offering you a unique opportunity to profit from your social media engagement.

Your benefits with Candao
- You will benefit from the following advantages: hardcoded in the Candao protocol in the blockchain.
- Candao pays you for every interaction
- (Likes, Views, and Shares)
- Earn money from any Influencer
- Participates in each turnover (transaction)
- Involved in NFT sales and digital assets
- Participates in any advertising revenue (Advertising)
- Free OnChain ID - user verification, so there are no more fake profiles
- Your content is yours (as NFT on the blockchain - no third-party access and protected from hackers).
- Free social media without censorship and blocking
- You can tokenize yourself as a person (social token) and create your own value, which other people can invest in and profit from you
- All social media platforms and followers can be directly connected (virality and reach will be present at the launch)
- Active and passive income streams

Click here to find out more : https://candao.onepage.me/

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