Hello Doctor understands that many people live in a hurry. Wake up early and hurry to go to work Before returning home late at night I want to sleep on holidays. Don't want to do anything. Sometimes the hustle and bustle of life can make you neglect to keep your house clean. Until the house has accumulated dust in various places And if you are the one who left your house cluttered and dusty, we would recommend you to clean the house urgently. Because in addition to making the house look dirty Not likely Dust bacteria It may also make you sick.
Dust bacteria With health problems
Experts say Dust bacteria affect the function of T helper 1 (Th1) and Th17 white blood cells that stimulate the immune system to fight off bacteria, fungi, viruses and cancer cells, leading to neutropenia. Phil (Neutrophil), a white blood cell that acts against bacteria and fungi. The body is less resistant to the infection. The risk of developing asthma Emphysema, Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and lung cancer are increasing.
There are also research studies suggesting that Bacteria from outside the house that get into the house when we open the door and window. Or may follow us when we go out And enters the house May cause the bacteria in the dust to become bacteria resistant to antibiotics (Antibiotic resistance), also known as "Drug-resistant infection" and if the infection is resistant Treatment with the same drug that was previously working It superwalletmay not work anymore.
Sunlight ... a secret weapon against bacteria in dust
Bacteria in dust are pathogens that we should not leave behind, so you should clean your house, dust off, vacuum the dust that has settled on it. In the house on a daily basis But we understand that Some people may not be comfortable cleaning the house every day. If so We want you to open the window. Or open the curtains to get some sunlight Because of the University of Oregon's research studies USA Published in the journal Microbiome states that the exposure of sunlight into the home. Can help kill bacteria in dust