We wholeheartedly believe we need to perpetuate honest discussion and debate over pressing issues that have been presented in this era of the corona. It’s not easy asking the hard questions and seeking the truth when we are constantly bombarded with more information than almost anyone can categorize and comprehend. It can feel overwhelming to seek answers when the flow of society ostracizes anyone who talks out of turn and condemns the seeker with the bygone trope of “conspiracy theorist”. If you want an open discussion or want to present your own thoughts on this complicated can of worms, you’ve come to the right place. Some topics that are being discussed right now are Fauci-19 plays ball, Conspiracy Theorist, or Critical Thinker, Medical Authoritarianism: Technocrats and Censorship, Coronavirus Conspiracy Concepts, AI: Dystopia or Utopia?. Check this link right here now coronasnotcool