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    Canon Powershot Pro 1

    I'm interested in this camera but am confused when comparing to the EOS Rebel digital. Other than the difference in megapixels, where would this one excel in comparison to the Rebel and vice versa? Can anyone enlighten me?

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    That's a good question

    The quick answer is - the Digital Rebel will be better. It's got a bigger sensor, probably has less shutter-lag, you can change lenses, etc. I think the main difference is that they're made for two different markets. The Powershot Pro1 is smaller and it's being marketed as a high-end, prosumer compact. The Digital Rebel is being marketed as an entry-level digital SLR. If quality is the only consideration, then the Rebel will win, hands down. If you want more resolution and lots of control in a smaller camera, then the Pro1 might be a better choice. However, I would bet good money that the image quality of the Digital Rebel is waayyyyy better than that of the Pro 1. Even though the Pro 1 has more pixels, the larger pixels and CMOS sensor in the Digital Rebel are far superior.

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