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    Which Camera To Buy

    My daughter is very keen on Photography and will be studying it for the next two years at school. Therefore we feel it is time to invest in a sensible camera of her own.

    We have looked at Bridge cameras and have identified two possible models, Pentax X90 and the Panasonic DMC Z35.

    Which camera will be better for taking a wide range on Photographs to build up her portfolio and use for school?

    Does anyone have any other suggestions within a 200.00 budget ($250.00)



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    Re: Which Camera To Buy

    For Photography class, the camera needs to have FULL manual control. A used DSLR or high end PS with manual controls may be your best choice in your budget range. Depending on the level of the classes a film camera may be also required.

    You need to talk to the instructors and find out the requirements for the camera.

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    Re: Which Camera To Buy

    Make sure she needs a digital camera and not a film. Panasonic Lumix FZ45 is the one I will suggest it will fulfil all her requirements + there are many extra features she cam play with. There are many cameras at cheaper price but than you loss the quality.

    Review : The number of scene settings on the camera is quite amazing. There to help you get the correct settings for different shots. There is 5 advanced scene modes (portrait, scenery, sports, close-up and night portrait), each with sub settings giving 21 settings in total. Then there is the scene mode with a total of 17 settings with panorama assist, sunset, panning and starry sky for example. There is of course full manual control, shutter-priority, aperture-priority and program mode.

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