Belts are practically a showcase of all the different types of leather available the whole world round. Full-grain often serves as the gold standard and is largely used in formal belts; nothing beats it in terms of looks and overall durability. Many prize the calfskin variety of top grain leather in particular because of its relative softness.

Belts also frequently use braided and tooled leather that ups the decorative value of the belt. Many manufacturers use this approach so they can freely exercise their creativity and include themes and motifs in the belt that can make even the best artists green with envy.

Unique and beautifully designed, they can catch anyone’s eye in seconds with the right outfit. They do suit most casual and dress wear, though, so there’s no room to doubt their versatility. Polyester belts also capitalize on this, making them perfect pairs for jeans, too.

Furthermore, you’ll also come across belts with more exotic materials made of skins from different animals, like pythons, alligators, lizards, and ostriches. Most manufacturers only use them for the immediate luxury attached to them; alligator skin belts, in particular, occupies the top spot of luxury exotic belts. Exotic belts also possess a natural appeal and stellar durability.

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