This CBD hemp oil extract is made from the full hemp plant including the leaves, stalks, and flowers in order to attain all the nutrients of this medicinal plant. Great for pain, anxiety & stress relief. Blended with organic hemp seed oil for optimum absorption & bioavailability.

FULL SPECTRUM HEMP EXTRACT Full-spectrum hemp oil extract contains all the same cannabinoids and compounds found in the original hemp plant. Our buy cbd oil portugal is better than other products found in the market that only contain minute amounts of the hemp plant.

PAIN KILLER Cannabinoids found in hemp are anti-inflammatory and also act as a muscle relaxant. The endocannabinoid system of the body regulates pain sensation and when you introduce natural cannabinoids, your body is restored to its natural pain-free harmony.

STRESS AND ANXIETY RELIEF When under stress, cortisol levels in our body rise. Studies have shown that CBD can help with a variety of different stress factors including social situations, work stress, and general anxiety by lowering cortisol levels significantly.

IMPROVES INSOMNIA With reduced stress and anxiety, sleeping difficulties are minimized and sleep quality is improved. Studies have shown that full-spectrum hemp oil may increase overall sleep amounts and improve insomnia.

ALL-NATURAL INGREDIENTS At Leaf Boutique, we only use pure and natural hemp sourced from naturally responsible sources. At these sources, hemp is grown naturally without any artificial means or introduction of any synthetic chemicals.