Kitty is a fast and feature-rich GPU-based terminal emulator compatible with macOS. It uses OpenGL for quick access, with multiple layouts tiling side by side. It supports all advanced terminal features, including different graphics, Unicode, true color, mouse controls, focus tracking, and many more. You can control from scripts, or shell prompts and even through SSH. This app is enabled with a framework of Kittens which helps you to extend the Kitty functionalities and also supports startup sessions to choose the layout or directory to run during the startup.

Hyper is an electron-based terminal that comes with a beautiful interface to use. It is one of the fastest and standard terminal apps built-in with innovative features to enhance your performance. It supports HTML, JavaScript, and CSS programming. Furthermore, it allows you to create and add your own plugins and reload them using the keyboard shortcut (COMMAND + R). There are tons of themes available to choose from for your plugins.

Byobu is an open-source terminal tool available for Mac. Initially, Byobu is launched for the Ubuntu distribution of Linux. Later on, it was released for Mac PCs. Byobu is one of the lightweight and simplest terminal tools. If you are new to terminal commands, you can start with Byobu, as it is too simple to use. The main drawback of the tool is that it doesn’t have any advanced features. You can install the Byobu on your Mac for free.

MacTerm is a powerful terminal that comes with all standard features and graphics protocols. It is said to be a perfect alternative to use instead of the native macOS terminal. MacTerm is absolutely free software with a modern interface to use. It allows you to view multiple pans, session management, and smart search, and it permits you to customize everything. It has the ability to handle a significant number of URLs and file formats.

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