SMS Auto Reply Text Message Android App Auto reply to inbound SMS and missed calls when you're busy, at the wheel, in a meeting or in a movie sleeping, in a class, or just where you'd prefer not be interrupted. With SMS Blocker and Automatic Response, communicating has never been simpler. text message automation

Most people have adapted to instant messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Signal, Telegram and much more. These apps are often used as an alternative to or instead of traditional messaging apps. This makes sms auto responses more vital. While it is not as effective as other sms autoresponders, Lemi Apps' SMS Auto Reply Text Message Android Application responds to 12 social messengers as well as to missed texts and incoming calls. It's time to stop receiving all notifications sent by different social platforms. Instead, you can send sms in order to automatically respond to undesirable notifications, such as those sent by various Whatsapp groups.