If you choose our full packing service you donít need to worry about anything, our well-trained packers will professionally pack all your belongings into the right sized boxes and mark them with the contents for easy and quick unpacking. Would you require we can unwrap and unpack the boxes and then remove all used packing materials once the job is done?

If you would like to save money, or just prefer to pack your very personal items yourself we can offer a part pack service, when we can finish the packing in east London. If you choose this option you will be charged only for the number of boxes we make up. We also offer advice on how best to pack household items prior to your moving day.

We can offer fragile packing service, which means normally those kitchen items, such as plates, mugs, glasses, etc and other fragile ornaments of the house will be packed our professional packers, all the rest will be done by yourself. Chess Move Deliveries understand that everyone requires something different so offer an extensive range of packing options when it comes to packing up your home or office in London.