Finder is the default file management system in macOS since the operating systemís debut in 1985. After several years, Apple did improve Finder by leaps and bounds. That said, it does fall short in multiple areas for reasons best known to Appleís software team. You can try a file management app that comes loaded with several useful features.

Thatís why we have compiled a list of best macOS Finder alternatives that you can try out on your Mac. Of course, you canít remove Finder. So these apps will help you extend the functionalities. Before you get started, here are the three key reasons why one should look beyond Finder.

Thereís no way to change the Finder menus and glorify the top ribbon with easy shortcut buttons. Even Viewing options are quite limited to previewing media files only. One of the heavily demanded features for comparing files/folders between sections without opening two or more windows. Connecting to remote file servers via AFPS, SMB, and FTP/SFTP offers the bare minimum experience, which is not devoid of flaws.