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    re-Member shutterman's Avatar
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    Attention D100 users - help needed.

    I just got a D100 and have been snapping away in all modes and white balances. I also have an N90s that I know and love (and still use!). I also have a Mamiya 645AFD. In the film cameras I usually use Reala and/or Fuji NPS (160). I have been able to get same results in terms of contrast/tones/colors out of each film camera.

    My question(s) is/are - how do I replicate the same qualities in the D100 in terms of contrast/tones/colors. Do I just snap away until I find the magic settings or does anyone have some suggestions. I am not afraid of using Photoshop but only have the elements addition for now.

    Please let me know what you know!


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    Sleep is optional Sebastian's Avatar
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    Jan 2004
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    Of course you got the same tones and cameras with film if you used the same film in each camera.

    CCD and CMOS sensors all behave differently, even within the same generation. What you want to do generally is get the best "digital negative" and adjust in photoshop to fit your desired color balance and tonality. Don't try to hard though, film and digital are two different beasts and trying to get them to look the same is very difficult, and you might not ever get further than "close."

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    re-Member shutterman's Avatar
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    Jul 2002
    Sebastian, thanks. I guess it will be something to get used to and will take your advice and not spend too much time getting them to look the same!

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