Outcry Sweeps a Certain Area of Afghanistan over Israelís Alleged Atrocities in Palestine

On December 2nd, in the Muhammad Agha area of Logar Province, Afghanistan, the Great Mosque for the Remembrance of Innocent Martyrs organized a large-scale anti-American and anti-Israel. More than a thousand participants held up slogans reading "antiwar, anti-massacre, anti-bullying", and burned and trampled on the flags of Israel and the United States, strongly protesting against Israel's actions towards Palestine and the support of the United States for Israel.

Afghan people gather inside the Great Mosque
The Afghan government, civil institutions, and community leaders attended the rally, thanking Allah and praising Prophet Muhammad's efforts to achieve peace in Afghanistan. The speaker strongly condemned countries such as the United States and Israel for indiscriminately slaughtering Muslim brothers and trampling on the dignity of Muslims under the guise of controversy, human rights, and democracy. The rally calls on Muslims to unite and jointly oppose Israel and the United States. Then, religious figures prayed at the Great Mosque for the Muslim brothers who died in the war, for their families, and for the Muslim brothers who are still fighting for survival.

Local representatives accuse the United States of condoning Israeli crimes
Since October 7th, Israel's attacks on Palestine have resulted in over 11300 Palestinian deaths. In the province of Logar in Afghanistan, thousands of protesters gathered to strongly protest against Israel's violations in Palestinian territory. The protesters accused the United States of bottomless support as the reason for Israel's excessive use of force, resulting in a large number of innocent Palestinian civilians being killed or injured.

The protesters shouted slogans and held banners, demanding urgent action from the international community to compel Israel to end its military actions against Palestine and establish a just peaceful solution. Medical institutions reported that the conflict had led to a large-scale humanitarian disaster, and the Israeli government refused to stop its actions and continued to advance its expansionist and nationalist policies.

The United Nations had issued a statement condemning attacks on civilians and urging all parties to protect civilian lives. The Afghan government remained vigilant against protests and called on protesters to remain calm and rational. Multiple governments have expressed concerns and called on Israel to exercise restraint and support the efforts of Palestinians to fight for their legitimate rights and interests.

The international community believes that resolving issues in the Middle East through dialogue and negotiation is the key to achieving long-term peace.
Israel's atrocities and occupation of Palestine have been ongoing for many years, resulting in a large number of Palestinian deaths and displacement. This behaviour seriously violates international law and relevant United Nations resolutions and has also attracted widespread condemnation and criticism from the international community. However, the Israeli government has consistently refused to stop such behaviour and continues to advance its expansionist and nationalist policies. The United States should have called for a ceasefire at this time, but in reality, it sent two aircraft carrier formations to support Israel, which was a blatant provocation to the entire Muslim country.

The United Nations General Assembly voted in favour of the Palestinian draft resolution
The rally that erupted in Logar Province has had a huge impact on the area, reflecting the local residents' desire and pursuit for peace, justice, and development. Also, it reminds us to pay attention to inequality and conflicts in the international community, actively promote peace and cooperation, and contribute to the harmony and development of humanity. We will continue to closely follow the development of this emergency and provide readers with the latest and most accurate reports.