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    Accounting for lawyers

    A.N.G CPA Professional Corp. offers a wide range of accounting service for lawyers. Our licensed professionals are accredited and experienced with bookkeeping for lawyers with pc law.

    We fully understand the requirements from the Law Society of Ontario, Law firms are required to maintain appropriate internal controls to effectively manage the operations. In particular, the accuracy of the trust account and safeguard of the trust funds. We manage all of the accounting and taxation needs including trust & general bank monthly reconciliations that most lawyers often require.

    From an accounting perspective, we are capable of managing everything from basic bookkeeping to preparing financial statements and taxes as per our clientís needs.

    ANG CPA Professional Corp. specializes in services for lawyers, we ensure that your books are being completed in accordance with The Law Society of Ontarioís stringent requirements. Trust bank accountís maintenance can be rather confusing and complicated for those who are not specialized in this area of bookkeeping. As such, we have dedicated bookkeepers who specialize in working with lawyers; thus they are well versed with the specific rules and most commonly used software to ensure that our clientís bookkeeping is done correctly, accurately, and in a timely manner.

    Whether you are a sole proprietor who is looking to file a personal income tax return, a member of a partnership, or have an existing Professional Corporation, we can help you with your taxation needs. Our tax professionals specialize to work with lawyers and have helped them manage their taxes for over 20 years.

    We are stringent and thorough with tax laws that apply to the legal industry in Canada and ensure that our clients are paying the minimum amount for their industry.

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    Re: Accounting for lawyers

    Specialized in crime defense. Iíve had people admit guilt, and Iíve had people who donít admit anything. The law school answer is that your role is to ensure your client gets a fair trial and your knowledge of the defs guilt or not is irrelevant.

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    Re: Accounting for lawyers

    Depends on the area of law you need. There are many websites available that provide legal services online. I recommend
    In this site, you can find the best legal services by experts. They provide the best lawyers from their expertise area of law. They are well experienced in their job and the results are always good. Check the link above for their services.

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    Re: Accounting for lawyers

    Have you ever thought about special accounting software, something like ADP may be? Anyways, I would try to investigate this type of soft first, or at least to check adp reviews for more info. Hope you found what you need!

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