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    Question Is the Sony a5000 still a good buy?

    I am looking to buy a camera this week. I found the Sony a5000 for $300 with lens since it's black friday and all.

    Features I like:

    - Ability to take pro quality self shots with the screen that flips up
    - Ability to use tripod
    - wifi and smartphone control

    I know it has no viewfinder but I think I can live with that.

    Should I be looking at any other EVIL cameras, especially for the price? Is the 16-50 kit lens decent on the a5000? I will use it mostly for portraits, not nature or anything else.

    I see a NEX-5T for $400 as well, is it much better than the a5000?

    Thank you!

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    Re: Is the Sony a5000 still a good buy?

    This is a good camera, and just good. Don't get me wrong, it takes brilliant pictures and has great quality, but it lacks some features considering it's price range. You're better off spending a couple of hundred dollars more for the A6000. Here are my main gripes with this camera:

    1. No electronic viewfinder
    2. No mic input or headphone output
    3. No 1080 x 60p video.
    4. No hotshoe
    5. PRICE!!!!

    The above factors wouldn't be much of a problem if this camera was priced around say $300-$350, but it's not worth buying in my opinion. You're better off buying last years Sony NEX-6 which is almost the same price (due to it's big price drop recently), but gives you way more and is in fact a better camera! The NEX-6 has a high resolution Electronic Viewfinder, allows 60p video, has both a pop up flash which bends backwards so you can bounce it off a ceiling and a standard hotshoe, and it's price is about the same!

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