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    Second Generation Nikon 1 Announced - Nikon V2

    Last night Nikon announced the second generation of their 1 mirrorless system camera. The new V2 increases resolution, speed and has a redesigned body with better camera controls.

    Nikon 1 V2 Compact System Camera – More Speed, Better Design | Camera News & Reviews

    The basic camera concept is the same with the V2 - smaller CX-format sensor with great auto focus and burst speed. I think the Nikon 1 cameras are pretty niche - basically for Nikon fan boys or hardcore outdoor folks who want great action performance. But if you do want a really small system camera with great action performance for stills and video, nothing else compares in my opinion. I included my Nikon J1 intro video in the V2 announcement article and I am still really impressed with the video I was able to shoot with moving subjects with that camera. I'm still waiting for one of the other camera makers to match that continuous auto focus performance with a mirrorless camera.
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    Re: Second Generation Nikon 1 Announced - Nikon V2

    Better. The user interface is getting closer to the DSLR's. And it looks a bit like an F3

    I keep on reading that the 1 Series has been a great success (in China and France? Can't find any figures). I imagine this means the J1. If there is a strong installed base for the J series then the V2 looks like a perfect upgrade path for J owners. I'm not so sure about it attracting DSLR users who want something smaller.

    It's the Paris Photo show in a couple of weeks. I'll check it out..

    BTW: Still waiting for Nikon to put this 1 inch sensor into a non-interchangable lens body the size of the Canon S100. That's what Sony have done with the RX100 (with their own sensor). The Aptina Manager says that one inch sensors are going to save point-and-shoot cameras from the onslaught of smartphone cameras (Aptina make the sensor used in the 1 series which is now available to other manufacturers).

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