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    Re: PEN Camera as an upgrade to E-520?

    hi Erik....yes, I agree it may be a return if it looks like it was handled. There is a way you can check the camera to see how many shutter clicks had already been taken. Sometimes that is a bit complicated - only did it once!

    However, the Olympus cameras I've purchased the last couple of years have not come with anything sealed except maybe the CD, the cable and/or the manual. The camera, lens, battery, charger are all in an opened wrap (plastic or whatever), but none of them are sealed.

    What surprised me recently was the XZ-2 came with the lens cap wrapped separately - and the lens was exposed. This was also true of a Panasonic camera I just purchased for someone. Again...the lens cap was wrapped - and the lens exposed. I've never had a camera come with the lens exposed before - and then I received 2 in a month - different brands! Oh well.....

    Have you decided on another camera yet?

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    Re: PEN Camera as an upgrade to E-520?

    I haven't decided on a camera yet. I'm keeping my eyes open for a good deal on a E-PM2 or E-PL5. The E-PL3 does look tempting, though. It might be too good to pass up for the money.
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