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    Nex5N + Nikon lenses

    Since I got the nx5n I wanted to try my f mount lenses on the nex5n

    went al the way to make a home made adapter which lasted just a couple of shots , and also managed to ge some cardboard dust on the nex sensor

    Finally the adapter I ordered arrived , going through customs slows things down for about 5 days

    I got the fotodiox adapter that also has aperture control son I can use the G lenses
    I have zero problems mounting or dismounting from the body or the lenses to the adapter

    I do not know why someone would go for the voigtlander adapters that cost 4x times more and do not have the aperture control

    Now, mounting this lenses completely defeats the concept of small package,
    but it sure is fun to use

    Here are a couple of shots
    1. Bookshelf handheld, boring shot, but I'm just trying nikon 35mm f1.8 , something I noticed which is interesting, if I let the nex5n on auto ISO , in aperture mode, it will adjust the ISO to keep the speed at 1/60, which for this combo is just perfect

    2. Church interior, handheld, mounted the tokina 11-16 f2.8, which looks huge with the tiny body hanging in the back, set the iso manually to 400, so the speed would be 1/20 (2x the focal length)

    The aperture control on the adapter does not click, it moves smoothly, if I need to shoot with an specific aperture, I need to pay attention how the camera adjust the speed or the ISO, and remember the fstop numbers ...
    f1.4, f2 , f2.8 f4 f5.6 f8 etc ...

    How is he manual focus? the focus peaking helps a lot, but sometimes it does not distinguish when something is in focus, need to zoom in by tapping the LCD in the area of the screen I want to check , then focus until that part is sharp, when pressing the shooter the zoom ends and you see the full photo , I have yet to try this in low light.

    How is this different from using the sony lens ?
    the sony lens has OSS and it works beautifully, combined with the high ISO it can certainly shoot in the lowest light
    using autofocus can be a struggle in low light
    and focus the sony lens manually is slow, so slow that I never know if I'm turning the lens in the right direction
    to complicate things further the AF never stops trying to focus, if he camera is on it is trying to focus whatever it is in front of the lens, maybe the floor, the car seat, or anything, this usually doesn't matter, unless you are using it in low light beacause the focus wil be totally different from the last shot

    so there it is ,

    wondering how would it be with some m mount rangefinder lenses ... besides to expensive

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    Re: Nex5N + Nikon lenses

    The NEX-5N certainly is great with the range of adapters that are available for it. I also have a Fotodiox adapter, but for the Minolta MC/MD mount. I use it to adapt a Minolta MD Rokkor-X 50mm f/1.7 that I found on ebay for $26. I actually use this lens the majority of the time. The focus peaking and the focus assist functions that let you zoom in really make it easier to use a manual focus lens without having a viewfinder.

    My most recent purchase was the LA-EA2 adapter, and I hope to grab a few Minolta Maxxum or Sony Alpha lenses on ebay on the cheap to see how well it works. I think if I'm going to make any more large purchases for the NEX, I'll start with the EVF.

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    Re: Nex5N + Nikon lenses

    I have an adapter for my Leica and Voigtlander lenses. I need to pick one up for my OM lenses.
    I am like Barney Fife, I have a gun but Andy makes me keep the bullet in my pocket..

    Sony a99/a7R

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